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Paris Airport transfer


Paris Airport Transfer



Most airline visitors to Paris from the UK arrive initially at the Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG). Some passengers may also arrive at Orly (ORY) airport and Beauvais airport (BVA) - please see foot of page for Paris airport transfer information regarding these smaller airports.

Our Paris airport transfer page primarily concentrates on the main Paris public transport option which is the suburban RER railway service from the airports to the Paris metro line stations in the city. At the foot of this page you will find links to alternative means of Paris airport transfer by hired car, bus or taxi.


Passengers arriving at Charles De gaulle airport (CDG)


Arriving passengers at the Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) can access the taxi or bus services into the city but a much more common and usually cheaper form of Paris airport transfer is the use of the Paris public transport suburban train service ( the RER B line). This service takers visitors into the central city railway stations and from there to their accomodation via the immediately accessible metro system or by taxi.

The central Paris public transport railway stations on the RER B line include amongst others: the Gare du Nord, Saint Michel/Nôtre Dame, Luxembourg, Port Royal, Denfert-Rochereau and Cité Universities - choose the closest station to your accommodation to get off at, whilst making doubly sure from your downloadable metro Paris map that the appropriate connecting metro line is available to take you to your final destination.

There are two train stations accessing the RER B line at Charles de Gaulle Airport - these are named "Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 1" and "Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 2 - TGV" , the first being located near Airport terminal 3 in the Roissypole building and the second located between Airport terminal 2E and 2C.There are many signs pointing the way to the RER B line at either station within the airport and most are highlighted in BLUE colouring - PLEASE NOTE that if your arrival is in Airport terminal 1 then you will have to travel by shuttle train to "Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 1" in the Roissypole building - the shuttle train is known as the CDGVAL and signs bearing this name in terminal 1 will point you in the right direction for catching this shuttle train.

Most RER B trains will stop at all the central Paris stations mentioned above and four more ( there are 9 stations in total ) - these trains take about 34 minutes to get to the final stop - There is also an express RER B service that goes directly to the Gare du Nord Station without stopping and this saves about 12 minutes on the journey - The television screens above the railway platforms will show the number of stops the next train will be making and this will confirm whether that train is the "express" one stop service or not.

The RER B train timetable at the Airport is the same 7 days a week including all holiday dates with the last RER B train leaving at just before midnight each night, but please note that due to ongoing building/maintenance works into 2012, that a train service beyond 10.58pm cannot be guaranteed except for the Friday and Saturday night services which are unaffected - If you require further information regarding this please check at Schedule of RER.

Tickets for the RER B Paris service can be accessed via the BLUE ticket machines adjacent the two airport train stations but only by using mostly European ( including the UK ) issued credit cards - If your credit card is not accepted, then there are manned ticket offices adjacent both train stations - you will be looking to buy a ticket for "Paris Aller-Simple" [Pair-Ee Alleh-Somp-leh] which is a one way ticket. The price should be approximately €9.10 for adult RER B train tickets to Paris and €6.40 for children (9 and under).

Paris airport transfer information for passengers arriving at Beauvais (BVA) airport and Orly (ORY) airport

a) For full transfer information regarding Beauvais (BVA) click Beauvais

b) For full transfer information regarding Orly (ORY) click Orly


Paris metro information & car hire, bus and taxi as Paris airport transfer alternatives

For a detailed explanation of the metro system and how it combines with the above mentioned suburban RER service, complete with downloadable metro Paris map showing all lines and station connections, please visit our "Paris metro page".

For Paris airport transfers other than by train please click onto the following links

1) Paris airport transfer by hired car

2) Paris airport transfer by bus

3) Paris airport transfer by taxi


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